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Our Story


The world as we know it is suffocating right in front of us. Whether we like it or not environmental pollution is still one of the most ignored concepts of the modern world.

Our brand was envisioned when Dan, one of our team members was working on a ship in the Pacific Ocean and on a calm beautiful day decided to soak in the surroundings and stare into the water hoping to catch a glimpse of some dolphins playfully jumping out of the water in front of the ship as it cut through the waves, like you see in pictures and movies.

Instead what he actually saw was an insurmountable amount of rubbish mainly consisting of bottles, plastic bags, straws and single use packaging floating past the ship he was sailing on. It was not until Dan had seen this in person that he realized the magnitude of the issue and decided something needed to be done.

One of the biggest problems we currently face is plastic pollution in our oceans. Most plastic waste occurs in the kitchen at home with single use plastic being the main contributors to plastic waste such as cling wrap, bags, packaging and single use plastic straws. This is why our products have been selected, to reduce plastic consumption.

We are dedicated to making a change therefore we are committing a percentage of every sale from our store that will help spread awareness and to combat pollution in our environment.

Plastic is a way of life it is everywhere you look, we can’t deny that it makes our life easier. But we can certainly reduce the amount of plastic rubbish we use on a daily basis. Making the conscious decision to buy more environmentally friendly products and reduce waste is the first step in helping to make a change.

Welcome to ecovärld, Join the movement! Where every little bit helps.