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Propagation Stations

Do propagation stations comes with plants or seeds ?

  • No, propagation stations do not comes with plants or seeds. 
  • Propagation stations will include the frame (wooden or metal), glass jars as per selected variant and the metal rod (in case it is required as per variant)

Whats will I receive when I order propagation stations ?

Propagation stations will contain:

  1. Wooden/Metal stand as per selected variant
  2. Glass jars (quantity as per selected variant)
  3. Metal rod in case of glass jars are hanged using metal rod. (As shown in image or variant)

What can I grow in propagation stations ?

Our propagation stations can be used to grow a wide variety of plants.

  • You can grow hydrophonics
  • You can use them to propagate plant cuttings for example devil's ivy , Aglaonemas
  • You can use seeds to get them sprouted. 
  • Even you can use them as normal glass vases. Simply put the flower cuttings in them with some water to make your room refreshing.


I have received damaged product, what should I do ?

We make sure that our products are delivered with care and we use proper packaging to ensure product condition.

However, due to internationl shipping and multiple transit routes, it may happen that your order gets delivered with a damaged item. In this situation, you just need to send us the damaged item images and then we will either provide the replacement or refund as appropriate. Please use our help center to contact us.

My tracking link is not working.

In case the tracking link is not working, please contact us and we will verify the tracking details for your order.

Tracking details have not been updated for long time.

It might happen that tracking details are not updated for up to two weeks due to international routes. If you see it has not been updated for more than two weeks, please contact us and we will get it verified with our logistics partners.

I have received a different product.

In case you receive a different product than the product you ordered, please send us the images of the product received and we will reship the correct product at our cost.

How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

Please refer to our shipping policy here

Can I get my order gift wrapped ?

Currently we do not provide gift wrapping or custom messages for the orders.